Sunday, September 14, 2008

Esther and the Horse

This video is Esther on the horse that she likes to ride. The funny thing is that she likes to ride the horse from one side of the room to the other. Then she gets off the horse and plays a little and then climbs back on and rides the horse to the other side of the room. She does not hold onto the handles but to the horse's ears. Hopefully I can teach her about being nice to animals before she actually rides a real horse.

This last Friday my parents came to the house to give Noel and I some time to ourselves. We went out to dinner, Red Lobster, and then we came home. Noel got to sleep in on Saturday and Noel and I got to spend some quality time with each other on Saturday. The funny thing is what we consider quality time is going to IHOP, Lowe's, and grocery shopping. BUT actually walking into an establishment without the stares, questions and utter shock to everyone was GREAT!!!!

As a parent you never stop noticing other parents though. No matter where Noel and I went I always noticed the parents with children. It was good to look at other people instead of being the "Main Attraction." We get why everyone stares at us if we say us we would stare also.

Thank you mom and dad for giving up your Friday night and Saturday afternoon to give Noel and I some time together without the children. We love you very much and enjoyed every moment.

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Cheng family said...

The video is precious. I can't believe how much energy she has to bounce it all the way across the room!
I love the family picture you added!