Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glynda and a Shirt

Another costume is done. I was actually done on Friday night but just have not had two minutes to myself it seams. I also made one of the shirts for the family portraits that we are taking in the next couple of weeks. I found it at Etsy and the lady sends you the material cut out and everything you need and all you have to do it sew it together. The material is great and I thought it was a cool idea. If you like the shirt please visit her store. Here is the LINK.

Here are the pictures:


cheryl said...

So did you change your mind on who was who, or did Esther just get to be the lucky model for 2 costumes? ;o)
Can't wait to see them all together, they're turning out super cute!

CW said...

Costumes are darling as you reveal them one by one...It will be nice to see them all together dressed up.

Also as Kerri's Mom, I am truly grateful for you and your Mom. You are such a treasured friend.