Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hey Mom I killed a ...

Today my son became a hunter! I know that Pops and Papa Bobby will be proud. Now what kind of hunter did he become? A deer, not quite old enough, a frog, nope really has not seen one close enough to want to touch it. So what hunter did he become?

A fly hunter!

You see Noel and I have killed several flies in our house and Elijah has always been fascinated by what the fly looks like after we hit it with the fly swatter. So today my mother came to town to do some shopping and after we had returned we were all playing in the play room. Joshua runs up with this horrid look on his face and informs Nanna that there is a bug and he would like her to kill it. Nanna kills the fly and we go on playing. About 30 minutes later, Elijah is walking towards us with this foam letter, the letter "l". He then tells us that he has a bug. We look on the foam letter to find that he has killed a fly and is not transporting it to the trash can.

I called Noel to let him know that our son had killed his first fly. Everyone is excited and the "safari" lived happily ever after.

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Trish said...

I thought it was so cute when Elijah came up to us with the fly. Joshua was impressed also. It is so funny to watch their expressions when things like that happen. I can't wait for all of us to be together this weekend. Love mom