Friday, October 2, 2009

This week!

This week is almost over, YEAH!! I meant to blog more this week but my router went out and AT&T had to send me another one. Also You Tube is having problems uploading the video I took of the "safari" saying hello.

What a week. As most of you know Noel was in Seattle this week for a class that is going to give him some kind of letter abbreviation at the end of his name and allow the company that he works for to get clients out of the state of Texas. So Noel left on Sunday late morning. Colton also stayed with me part of this week due to the fact that Kerri had to be in D.C. for a conference and Doug had the flu. Instead of infecting my family I decided that it would be wiser to keep him and keep my "safari" away from the flu for now. Colton arrived on Saturday night and stayed over until Wednesday afternoon.

My saving grace is that my mother came down on Monday to help me until Thursday morning. I got a lot done and remained sane because there was another adult in the house that I could have an actual conversation with. So I washed the curtains, cleaned the house, wiped my cabinets down and enjoyed my "safari." Thank you mom for coming and staying with me.

I also got another costume done, Glynda is done and there will be pictures later this weekend with Esther in the costume.

So here is the video that the "safari" did for Daddy. Also Noel enjoys hearing the "safari's voice" and their conversation skills are getting better so there is more interaction. Also I will put a couple picture of Hannah being Hannah at the end enjoy.

If you guys are thinking about this weekend please pray for my Brother-in-law who is coming home from Iraq on Tuesday. Please pray for safe travel and for a nice transition into family life again. Also this a joy for him because he gets to hold his daughter for the first time on Tuesday.

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Krystal said...

Congrats to your brother in law! We will definitely keep him and all the other soldiers in our prayers. My husband is also coming back (today!!) and will get to play with his 15 month old sons.