Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome Home!

So the wait is finally over. My brother in law, Mike, finally made it home this week. As the days got closer the excitement grew. My sister, Pamela, made sure that everything was in place and perfect. She brought the outfits, got her hair and nails done. Pamela was told that he would be home on Tuesday and then it was Wednesday and no never mind it will be Thursday. With all the dates changing the excitement left and it was just pure emotion, Will he ever be here?

Well he is here, he came home on Thursday evening. The welcome home excitement was realized when he got to hold his wife for the first time in since January when he was home for his R&R time. It was realized when he held his daughter for the first time. You see she was born when he was in Iraq and he got to see the birth because of modern technology but had never held her. He got to see his boys that have grown so much since he left. A family reunited after being separated by oceans, continents and war.

I am glad that he is home and safe and that our family is united again. I want to say a huge thank you to Erin of Pure Wonder Photography. She captured the welcome home celebration and the emotion that goes into that. You see Erin is taking our family portrait in two weeks all 21 of us and she wanted to capture and be there for this reunion of my sister and her husband. So please go and see the wonderful pictures that she took and make a comment so that my sister and her husband can receive a gift from Pure Wonder Photography, but also see and feel all the emotion that is involved when a family is separated by war. Here is the LINK.

Mike thank you for serving your country and for the sacrifice that you AND your family made for this country. I am glad that you are home and safe. Know that we love you and that we are glad that our prayers were answered for safety and a safe return home.


Krystal said...

Please tell him we say WELCOME HOME! Thanks much for his service and sacrifice for our country and also for those in Iraq.

Trish said...

Thanks for what you put on your blog about Mike coming home. I know Pam really appreciated it. There are now 15 comments and I just emailed my sisters so they might get more. I love you mom.