Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Close your eyes and think about what it would take to get 21 people that do not live in the same town together to get a family picture. Then think about what it would take to get 11 of those 21 people to look at the camera because they are 3 and under.

I am exhausted just thinking about it. Well Erin with Pure Wonder Photography did it. We are grateful and very excited.

The last time that my parents got family pictures done was a long time ago. Back them my brother, Drew, was the only one married and had two kids. The rest of us were behind.

Here is the last family portrait:

This is one of the pictures that Erin pulled off.

Now if you like the look and you live in Austin you need to book a session with her. Just go to here website and contact her. I am telling you it is totally worth it and it is an easy process because she does not stress you out about the photo session and just captures the natural flow of your family.

Also if you want to see the other picture from the sneak peek please go here.

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