Saturday, October 31, 2009

Is it really over?

Today was an off day to begin with. We took the "safari" to run errands today since we needed to finish some things before Noel and I go on vacation TOMORROW.

Then Nana came over around 1pm to see the "safari" which meant that naptime started later. Then Pops showed up with Sean and Melissa and then Nana, my mom, showed up not far after Pops. So Elijah, Joshua and Jacob did not take a nap today and instead played with Pops and Nana during naptime.

When it came time to get ready to go Trick-or-treating the "safari" was ready to go. You see earlier in the day we went to Wal-Mart to get them buckets to hold their candy. Each one got to choose what color they wanted. So everyone got dressed and was ready to go. We hung out in the front yard for a little while before we left.

Each house that we went to loved the "safari" and the costume idea. Joshua got the most compliments because he was definitely the right person for that costume. Hannah was also talked about because she was just so cute as Dorthy. Also she said "thank you" a lot. Only one house scared us and that was the house where the dog came to the door. The "safari" went down three streets and then came home, got to eat two pieces of candy, had a bath and went to bed. The funny thing is that the neighbor across the street came over before we left to see the "safari"; he brought candy with him. The "safari" was so excited that they were ready to go inside because they had gotten some candy and were good. In the next couple of years they are going to really start to get the hang of the collect the most candy strategy.

I just wish that it lasted a little longer because of all the time it took to make the costumes, but the good thing is that I made them big enough so that they can wear them next year. Here are some of the pictures that we captured this evening.


Dominic said...

Aww, they're so adorable.

cheryl said...

Super cute! So now what are you going to do w/ all the costumes? Let them play dress-up, or sell them on ebay? ;o)
Hope y'all have a super awesome week!

Daryl & Diana said...

Have a great time on your vacation! Thanks for working the nursery today!