Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things are Still Here

Wow it seems like I have not blogged in ages but in actuality it has only been over a week and a half. That is way too long in this house because something happens on a daily basis. So this entry is to fill you in on all the things that have been happening.

First Joshua got a black eye while sleeping. Yeah I know what happened. Well I have a few ideas and you tell me what you think.

1. Joshua was sleeping and hit himself while dreaming
2. Joshua rolled out of bed and landed on his fist
3. Jacob and Joshua were playing and Jacob hit Joshua
4. Jacob pushed Joshua into the wall
5. Joshua ran into the wall himself.
6. The bruise fairy came and left him a present.

After getting that picture I know that you are going to be disappointed in me that I did not stop and get a picture of this. I decided that I was going to go potty while the "safari" was playing and being nice. I get out of the bathroom to find that they had been working on their team building skills. You see they figured out that Esther does not weigh anything and that Joshua can hold her weight on his back. So Esther climbed onto Joshua's back and decided that she was going to give everyone juice from the 2 GALLON container that is on the counter. She pushed the button and decided mid-way that taking a bath in red Kool-Aide was better than drinking it. So the triplets got a bath and scrubbed pretty hard to get the red tint off their bodies. The moral of the story is do not let you toddlers out of your sight for anything and never let them communicate with each other. Just Kidding.

This month has been hectic because we had a photo shoot for our family of 7 and then my parent's photo shoot of 21 people (11 of them 3 and under). So I made the shirts for Esther and Hannah and myself. Erin will have the sneak peeks out this week sometime but she gave me this teaser yesterday. I think that she captures the personalities in every picture that she takes. If you are in the Austin Area make sure to think of her for your next professional pictures. Here is her link.

Also I have been working on finishing the costumes for Halloween. I have one more to do this week, the tin man. I finished the lion and I am proud of the outcome. The pattern did not explain how to make the mane for the lion so I had to be creative. So here is the picture with Joshua in his costume.

Besides that nothing else important is going on. I am trying to keep my "safari" from getting sick so that Noel and I can enjoy our vacation without our "safari." You heard that right my mother is watching our "safari" for a week so that Noel and I can have some time alone. YEAH!!!!!!!

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