Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 1 & 2!

Well the last two days have been eventful. On Saturday night Colton came to stay with us until Tuesday because Doug has/had the flu and Kerri was going to D.C. for a conference. On Sunday morning I had to go to the church to sign up for the Walk through the Old Testament and then go grocery shopping before Noel had to leave for the airport. Yes Noel is in Seattle this week taking a class.

Sunday was okay and the "safari" did not do too horrible. Just your normal whining, fussing, tears, being ornery; you know just the normal everyday things that happens when you have a toddler except mine is exponential. The "safari" and Colton went to bed just fine. After bedtime I needed to decompress from the day and usually I do some kind of activity that does not have to do with my children. So I baked last night. I made cinnamon raisin bread, and banana bread. I also worked on on our "prioritizer" for our DVR.

Today was better because my reinforcements arrived, my mother. I am so grateful for her because she is always willing to come and help and it is a nice relief for me because I am not the only grown-up in the house. Also the "safari" always love Nanna and want her to do everything with them instead of me. I am glad that I am not wanted all the time when Nanna is here it is a really refreshing thought.

This morning I walked into Hannah and Esther's room to find that Hannah had her leg on the crib railing, and she had reached her hand over the railing and was trying to pull herself over the railing. Sometimes I wish my children did not want to try and learn new things every day but that there was a day when there were no new discoveries, activities, extreme dare-devil stunts, but just a quiet, sit down and play type of day. I know that in my heart that day will come when they all move out of my house and are on their own.

Noel and I are also counting down the days until we are on vacation WITHOUT our children, which is 32 days tomorrow.

Hopefully we will have a recorded message for Noel tomorrow. God is good and I love that He knows when I need my mother.

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Trish said...

I love coming and being with you and your children, my grandchildren. I love being around them because they give me so much unconditional love. They are always glad to see me and never say anything negative, just great big smiles. I am so grateful to God that He has allowed me to live close to my grandchildren and children. I am a very blessed mother and grandmother.