Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It seems that so much has changed with Elijah in the last three to four months. He is using so many more words than before. Before he knew all the words but was very shy about using his words. Now he can tell you that he is not happy with you touching him and please stop in one breath. Before too long he will be reading and ready for college.

Potty training has happened in the last four months. He is now to the point where he does not even let you know that he has to go he just goes and then you hear the flushing of the toilet. The only thing that he likes to announce is that he has farted and that he has pooped. Every poop that comes out is an announcement.

Since Elijah turned 3 before September 1st he was allowed to be involved in the Awanas program at church. It is his time with daddy and the start of his involvement with other children besides on Sunday mornings. He loves Awanas and loves to come home and show me that he got to stamp his hand several times with a stamp and that he got his vest and that he has a bag with his book in it. Each week he is to learn a new Bible verse and then memorize it and say it in class the next week. After he completes certain stages he gets a patch that goes on his vest. He has learned the following verses:

God loved us and sent his Son
All have sinned
While we were sinners Christ died for us
God is love

We will try to record him saying his Bible verses this week.

The other night he went to bed and when Noel went to check on him before we went to bed this is what he found.

He received the floor mat with the letters of the alphabet for Christmas and decided that he could not sleep without them. He makes me laugh every day with something that he does or says. Remember to cherish these things because when they are older and they do not want to hug or kiss you then you will have to remember these moments to get your love from them until they want to hug you again. I pray everyday that my "safari" will never not want to hug or kiss their mother. I have pretty good odds since I have 5 children. I hope that you all have adventurous weeks with little rest periods to refuel for another round of adventure.

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Trish said...

Did you take out the letters? I hope so because what a way to sleep. I love to hear about him learning scripture and his time with dad. Keep on teaching them about Jesus and when they are old they will not depart from it. I love you and all of the little ones. Mom