Friday, September 4, 2009

Customer Service

It seems that customer service is not customer service any longer. You either have to talk to an automated service until you push enough buttons to get a real person. Then when you get that person they only have scripted answers. Or you get a person who does not want to help you until you start dropping names of management to get some help.

Last year Noel and I bought a Roomba through Hammacher Schlemmer. We decided that we were going to go through H.S. because they offered a lifetime warranty on their products and iRobot only offered a 1 year warranty.

About two weeks ago my battery in my Roomba was starting to show signs that it was going out. We contacted H.S. and they stated that we needed to send them our Roomba. Noel and I sent our "Revi" in on a Friday and by the next Friday I had a brand NEW Roomba in my house. I was over excited about it. They did not just send me a new battery but a new robot.

Our new Roomba did not have a wireless control station like my old Roomba, so Noel called them. They stated that they did not offer that model any longer but that they would look to see if they had one around. Well now H.S. is sending me a new wireless control center.

So if you are looking to buy a new gadet please look at this webpage. Their customer service is amazing and they really want to help. Check their webpage.

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Daryl & Diana said...

Amazon has fabulous customer service as well.