Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pops Visit

This past weekend we spent some time with Pops, Noel's dad, in San Antonio. We left on Friday and returned on Saturday night.

The "safari" was good on the way up to Pop's house except that Hannah is teething and could not keep a pacifier in her mouth and so I had about 10 of them in my pocket for the trip. When we arrived at the gate to Pop's community we bypassed the security guard because we programmed the frequency into our van, the security guard gave a weird look and we just smiled and kept going. The "safari" ate pizza, got a bath and then went to bed around 8pm. The boys slept in one of the guest rooms and the girls slept in the playpens in the bathroom. There was some playing going on but they went to bed pretty well.

The grown-ups watched football, Fresno State vs. Boise. After the game Pops and I decided that it was bedtime but Noel decided that it was time to play Playstation 3 until 3:30 in the morning.

Our "safari" woke up early and was hungry so we had pop tarts on the floor while we watched Noggin on television. As you see in the picture the sun is not even up yet.

After Noel got up we decided that it was pretty mild outside that we would find a nice park for the "safari" to play on. We found a great park and the "safari" loved the park. They liked the big park because they got to climb and do things that the small park did not have. It gave mommy a heart attack a couple of time because my "safari" does not have any fear and will try anything. Of course we got the usual questions about our "safari" but nothing that was out of the ordinary. It was different for Pops because he is not use to random people asking questions that have not been filtered through their brain yet. Here are a couple of picture from the park.

After the park we went to McDonalds for lunch and the "safari" played on the playground there as well. We returned to the house and the "safari" took a rest while we watched some college football. I also saw Pops kill Noel in Madden 2010 and then watched Noel just barely beat Pops after that.

The "safari" played outside and we had dinner and then bath time. By the time we left to go home Pops and the "safari" were worn out. Our "safari" watched a movie on the way home and when we got home everyone went to bed without so much as a whine or a protest.

We had a great time and we love seeing Pops. Noel and I are looking forward to spending some time with Dad when we are on vacation WITHOUT the "safari."

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