Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anger Management

Yesterday was the day that tested all my buttons and made me really look hard at the state of my anger management.

After nap time I went up to let the boys, Joshua and Jacob, out of their room to find the worst mess that I could have imagined. In them being bored they decided to take their diapers off and smear their poop all over the walls, window, floor and themselves. I would love to show you pictures but yesterday was not the day for that. Let you imagination go wild.

So the boys got their first shower and scrub down. Mommy had to hold her anger and clam herself down so that my anger would not be put on them. Joshua and Jacob got to stand in the room while I cleaned up their mess and it took me a good hour. Also they are being duct taped from now on.

God is good I did not sin against my "safari" yesterday even though it would have been really easy to do so. I love my "safari" but some days they really know how to push me to the limit and I have to really watch how I react to that because they feed off of that. Each day is a new lesson in love, compassion, and understanding.

Instead of giving you a picture of them in horrible poop I will let you see them for who they are.

I am working hard on their quiet books and should have some pictures for later this week. It has been a crazy two months and I can tell you that we have been busy and hopefully I can post some more after this craziness settles down.


Cynthia said...

You're a great mom! After such a day, and I'm sure that is one of many, you still find time and energy to show your love to them by crafting for them! Hope you also take lots of time to do something great for yourself. :)

CW said...

Bless you Jennifer, I am so glad Colton was not among the mischief doers... I guess you have just gone through a mother's right of passage. Hopefully CCR will save that trick for his own mom.

cheryl said...

YUCK! I'm so sorry. What a mess!

Nanna & Papa said...

I am so glad you recognized that your anger could have taken you in a direction you did not want to go. I think it is great you made them stand and watch you clean. There has to be consequences to behavior and that was a good lesson. I love those boys and no telling what they were thinking to think it was a good idea. I love you, mom. And yes God always gives us the grace if we just take a moment to ask Him.