Monday, September 21, 2009

Pages 3, 4, 5 & 6

In September I have tried to split my time between the Quiet Books and the costumes for Halloween. As in previous posts I am done with 2/5 of the costumes. I worked on a Dorthy's costume the first week of September, the quiet books on the second, and the third week was the Scarecrow.

The third page is the page that teaches about snaps, and how to hang clothes. Here is the picture of the third page.

The fourth page is the counting pages. Each string gets the "safari" closer to the number 10. Elijah wanted to throw the beads when I was making these pages.

The fifth page is the color page. This page gets the "safari" to match the colors of the balloons. The balloons snap on.

The sixth page is the shape page. The shapes are to be matched with the outline of the right shape on the page. They use Velcro to match the shape

I have enjoyed making the Quiet Books. It will be very special when they unwrap them on Christmas morning and knowing all the work that I put into to them. It will better than any gift that I could buy because the books are not just the gift but the time and love I put into them. Look for the next three pages next month.

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cheryl said...

making some serious progress there mama! way to go!