Friday, September 25, 2009


I was thinking in my head this week what blog post I was going to have for everyone this week, since I am not sewing this week. I started to think of things that we could do this week and I would get some pictures of. You know the blog mother in me.

Well God thought it would be funny to just give me this blog post. On Thursday the "safari" went to nap time as usual. Joshua and Jacob got duck tape on and everyone went to nap time. Well about half way through nap I hear this thud. So I am thinking that Joshua and Jacob are jumping off their bed to the floor. I go upstairs to find that they have ripped off the front board to one of the beds in their room and have taken the screws out.

Of course I take the board out of the room and tell the boys that it is nap time and that they need to take a nap. Well not even 30 minutes later I hear another thud but this one is louder. I run upstairs to find that they have taken the spring frame off the bed and have broken the back board off the bed. I split the boys up leaving Jacob in one room and putting Joshua in Elijah's room. They finally go to sleep.

In 10 minutes Esther and Hannah are screaming at the top of their lungs, so I bring them downstairs so that the boys can get some kind of nap and so they do not wake Colton up.

Nap time was horrible yesterday. Of course I have pictures but you have to wait a minute. When bedtime comes around I take the broken crib the rest of the way apart and leave Jacob in that room, I let Joshua know that his bed is broken and now he has to sleep in the playpen in our master closet until we find him another bed. I turn on the monitor and listen to Joshua cry "Please let me out and I want to sleep with Jacob" for about 10 minutes. I go upstairs and let him know that he is sleeping in the playpen and that we will find another place for him to sleep tomorrow.

Well he decided that he was going to make me find him another place to sleep sooner than tomorrow night. He woke up at 2am so I let him sleep with me last night. If you have been with Noel and I through this who sleeps well together and who cannot have a sleep friend then you know that we have been through a lot and all I can do is laugh today and when they grow up. I am honestly looking forward to the day I get the phone call from one of my children and they tell me that they are having a hard time with their child(ren) I will enjoy letting them know that even though I feel their pain that I do not feel sorry for them, because of what they put me through.

After the boys destroyed one of their beds I sent a text message to Noel saying "I quit!" We went back and forth for a few minutes, me reassuring him that I did not need him to come home but just wanted him to know that I was not having a good day and that I hope he felt my pain. You see in my head he is the one to blame because he took everything apart as a kid and he is an engineer so it is in their blood. I know Pops, Nana, and Papa Bobby are all laughing but I want you to know that even though your son took things apart you should feel sorry for me because I have it exponentially more than you had it.

The moral of the story is that if you are thinking of a blog post do not think too hard because God might just think of a funny blog post for you. OK now you can see the pictures.


J-Man said...

Wow! I am in usual.

anderstrcy said...

You poor thing! Your kids are worse than my dogs!