Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are you Sane or Insane?

Here are a few things to judge yourself to see if you are on the side of sanity or on the side of insanity.

Sane: If you wish for your children to be quiet for 5 minutes.
Insane: If you read the label on duct tape to see if it can be used on children and the time limit for that.

Sane: If you dream about what it would be like to have no children.
Insane: If you test EBay to see if you could auction your children off and get away with it.

Sane: If you let your children run around in the backyard naked so that you do not have to change another diaper that day.
Insane: If you make your children live in the backyard.

Sane: If you go to the bathroom for a moment of peace and quiet.
Insane: If you put a peep hole in the bathroom door so that you can check on the kids while you live in the bathroom.

Sane: If you plan a vacation on a cruise to get away for a while.
Insane: If you check to see if you can live on the cruise ship.

I am sure that you all have some sane and insane moments. I know that the best part about that is that you can laugh at yourself and that you have friends that tell you their stories so that you can laugh with them. Please comment with your wise Sane/Insane comments.

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Beth said...

Thank you for that post! I needed a good laugh. Today there were a few moments I danced a little too close to the "insane" side, but pulled through. Great blog! Glad I found your family!