Monday, May 18, 2009

Praying for Tony

I thought that this would be a good avenue to get everyone that reads our blog to pray. Noel's grandfather, Tony, is not doing so well. He had a stroke in 2007 and has been in a nursing home in San Antonio since then. We try and see Tony as much as possible and the "safari" like to play with his TV and say hi to everyone else in the nursing home.

Noel's dad, Michael, called and stated that Tony was going to be put in Hospice and that he has between 1-6 months to live. This is hard on our family because Tony is the last grandparent that Noel and I have; we have lost everyone else already.

So if you are a regular reader or this is your first time to my blog please stop and say a prayer for Tony, Michael, and Noel. I do not know if Tony knows the Lord so that is a prayer that I hope everyone says. God says that everyone has an appointed time to live and die, but that is not always reassuring to us when that person is a family member.

Some good and funny moments with Tony:

I remember the first time that Tony held Elijah, his first great grandchild. I thought that he was never going to give him back and I remember that he smiled the entire day.

The button on the sidebar is when he was feeding Jacob. He was so nervous but once he started he was glad that he got that chance.

When we went to visit Tony in the nursing home he could not really communicate with words to us but his emotions were very powerful. He began to cry because he was happy that we came and saw him and that he got to see the "safari." He is very emotional every time that we go.

When we go to see Tony the "safari" always like to try to move the bed and push any button and pull every cord they can find. It makes everyone smile and laugh on occasion.

It is amazing how a child can brighten a person's day especially someone who is not feeling well. You should see the faces of the people in the nursing home when we come through and the "safari" says "hi" and "bye bye" how that changes the mood of that person. When we come to the nursing home we make sure that we say "hi" to whomever we run into and when we are done visiting Tony there are more than double the people in the hallway on the way out so that we can say "bye bye." My "safari" might not remember the joy they brought to everyone that they said something to but I will and the people they said "hi" and "bye bye" to will.

Thank you for your prayers and I will keep you posted on what is going on. If you want I created the button on the sidebar so that you can copy the code and paste the button on your blog so that more people will pray. You can never have too many people praying for one person. Thank you and I love you all.

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newlyweds said...

I will keep grandpa Tony in my prayers, and your family as well. I know how hard this is on the whole family.

I just have to comment of the little naked pictures of the safari, OMG, those are the cutest little tushes!