Thursday, May 7, 2009


What happens when there are too many animals together? The same thing that happens when the you have triplets and they can no longer share one room.

This last week the "safari" was at nap time and I heard this cry. Now like any mother you know the cry of your children. Well I know the cry of each animal in my "safari." A high percentage of the crying that goes on in the triplet's room is from Jacob because Esther has taken his pacifier and he is crying for someone to come and rescue him and to get Esther in trouble. This day the cry was coming from someone else; it was Joshua and he was hurt.

I come upstairs and unlock the door and this is what I see.

Let me tell you now that it was not his nose or anything like that; Joshua was running with the other two and he tripped and bit into his lip, again. So after taking the pictures and cleaning him up I called Noel. It was time to move one of the boys out of the room and into the room with Elijah. This meant that Elijah was no longer going to be able to stay up until he wanted to go to sleep, that he was not going to get his light on anymore, no more juice at night and he could not longer open his door. Noel and I talked about who we should move. Joshua was chosen because he is the one with the carefree attitude and he likes Elijah a lot and lately Elijah has wanted to play with Joshua more than the others.

Well the move went well. It has actually solved more than one problem/issue. Since Joshua has moved out Esther and Jacob have bonded and you can find them sleeping together every night. Also Esther no longer gets in as much trouble because Jacob does not want to stay up but sleep which leaves Esther with no one to play with so she goes to sleep. Joshua likes being with Elijah and I think that Elijah enjoys not having to be by himself anymore. We did not get the fight that we thought we were going to get with all the changes with him. Now you can find Elijah sleeping with Joshua at night.

I find that the changes have been good and we are glad that our "safari" did not go into panic mode. The only one sleeping by themselves is Hannah and she is okay with that. I find out new things about my "safari" every day. They really do love each other when it comes down to it and they are very well behaved for as many as I have around the same age. Noel and I have been blessed to have wonderful children and we make sure that we thank God every day.


cheryl said...

What a fun journal this will be for your kids to go back and read one day.
NEVER A DULL MOMENT to say the least. ;o)
Glad the transition seems to be going well so far!

Jen said...

We are having some of the same issues here. Glad it went well for you.