Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photography Heaven

On Saturday we had a photo shoot. Yes someone was willing to take pictures of my "safari." Erin did a fabulous job and the "safari" loved her. We went to the YMCA at Twin Lakes and walked on the trail. Erin did wonderful and the "safari" responded well to her.

I think that she was nervous because I have so many and all not over the age of 3, but I know that she had a good time and there was no stress. Here is a preview of the pictures that she took. I would recommend her to take pictures of any family with children. She has the perfect personality and is very laid back. Also caught the "safari" in their natural environment.

Thank you once again, Erin, for allowing us to take up your Saturday morning. I hope and pray that your website turns out fabulous and that your business takes off. You have my recommendation.

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Jen said...

Oh those photos could not be any sweeter.