Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We started this project because we knew that our "safari" was getting close to wanting and needing to be potty trained. Also we thought about getting up in the middle of the night to help potty and what we could do to make our lives and the lives of the "safari" easier. So Noel and I talked about what we wanted to do with that bathroom.

The only thing that is in the bathroom now that was there before is the vanity top, cabinet, the light fixture and the medicine cabinet; everything else is new or from another bathroom. Noel and I wanted to have a bath tub that could fit all the "safari" in and the bath tub that was in there was getting a little too small. We saved the garden tub from our bathroom remodel and so we decided to put that in the bathroom. We also ordered a small toilet that sit 10" off the ground. We changed the color on the wall the fixtures, and added some personal touches.

Noel started April 24th and we got finished on May 5. We moved plumbing, torn down drywall, removed fixtures, moved the plumbing for the toilet and the sink removed the old tile, cut the tiles on the floor that needed to be redone, moved the HEAVY garden bath tub from the upstairs family room to the bathroom, put up sheet rock, tiled, grouted, painted, cut the vanity top, sanded, stained, spray painted, installed new faucet, shower head, sealed tile, cut new baseboards, chalked the fixtures, installed toilet, hung pictures, installed new mirror, installed toilet, installed hooks for the "safari" and installed a new shower curtain rod. We thought that we would be done sooner but we waited every night until the "safari" went to bed and then tried to work until we were too tired. We are thankful that our "safari" can sleep through anything. Also Noel had to go to Houston for training, I got sick and we had to cut down the willow tree. One night we decided not to do anything but veg out because our bodies hurt so bad.

Noel and I are proud of the outcome of our project. We think that the "safari" is going to like it. Elijah is the first one to potty on the new toilet and he thought is was great that he could touch his toes to the ground. The "safari" minus Hannah have been in the tub. They think it is great because there is so much room to move. Mommy and daddy love it because the sides are higher and the water does not end up on the floor.

I learned a lot from this project. With every project I try to learn something new. Noel is amazing with the skills that he has and that he loves to try new things and new projects. I am thankful that he let me participate so much in this project, I had a lot of fun.

Enjoy the pictures and we will let you know when we start are new project; building a bench seat for the table so that we can all sit down and eat as a family. I hope that project is fun as well. Have a wonderful day.


Cynthia said...

How amazing! I love that you pulled the colors from your bluebonnet photos.

cheryl said...

Super awesome job y'all! I'm totally impressed. ;o) Clearly you guys can do anything. I love the wall color too. Can't wait to see the next project.

Anonymous said...

Wow great job! We recently re did our bathroom also.

brossettelewis said...

I have forgotten how I got here but I love the family responses on the sidebar.