Sunday, May 17, 2009

Noel vs. Gravel

Noel has been riding his bike to work the last couple of weeks for exercise and to save some money on gas. He works over by Grace 360 and we live in Cedar Park so that is about 12-13 miles one-way. Noel goes to work around 5:30 and returns at about 5 pm.

The other day he walked into the door and told me that he fell off his bike while riding to work. Then he proceeded to show me that he did not just fall but was ejected over his handlebars when his bike did not go like it was suppose to. He was going through some gravel and was trying to avoid a rock and ended up over his handlebars and surfing on the gravel.

Noel is fine he has some bruises, cuts, scrapes but his pride is also hurt. There were two other bike riders behind him. I am just glad that he is okay. That is why I continue to pray for his safety through out the day and especially when I know that he is on his way home from work. He is such a great husband and has always put his family ahead of himself.

As you know I always take pictures no matter what so here they are:


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Jen said...

Just one word, Ouch!