Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day. This memorial day and week please make sure that you pray for the soldiers that are in foreign assignments, and that they will come home safely to their families.

Today we had a picnic with our Sunday School class (Adult community), the New Parents Class. It was a BYOP and then we let our children run around on the playground. Our "safari" had a great time and they did very well for missing their nap and for the heat of the day. Also they kept their hats on, which is good since we are going to the zoo this week.

After we got home we tried to get the "safari" to take a nap but that did not work, so we let them get up. Noel put the bounce house up and put water components on. Elijah was very curious and adjusted well. The rest of the "safari" did not do so well at the beginning. Noel and I decided that they were never going to get in unless we just threw them in. After they got over the fact that they were wet they did just fine. Below I let you have the best two pictures from the water experience. We could not get them out of the bounce house when water time was over.

The "safari" had dinner, watched 30 minutes of television and then went to bed. They did not make any noise. I hope that you had a wonderful day and that you remember to pray for our military personnel and their families.

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