Saturday, May 2, 2009

Date Night

Noel and I try to go on a date at least every other month, but we do try to do it once a month. I know what you are thinking how can you afford a babysitter. Well that is what is so great about our parents living close is that if we plan in advance we get FREE childcare.

Noel and I went to dinner last night; we went to Korea House because Noel wanted sushi and I wanted something that was cooked. It was really good, we actually had conversations that did not pertain to our "safari." We were not worried about people touching, trying to pick up or ask a thousand questions, because we were a normal couple out last night.

After dinner we went to a concert at our church. The guys that we saw were Jeremy Riddle and Brenton Brown. These guys were great; they are known for their praise and worship music. The opener were The Reliques who were awesome as well. What made the concert so great was that we saw and sat with friends that we hang out and converse with at church. We sat with the Carrell's, Smith's, and the Tripp's.

Before we could go on our date I had to make sure Gail and Bobby (Noel's mother and step-father) had all the information that they needed to ensure that our "safari" would have a good night. Have you every thought about what you do on a nightly basis and if you could translate that to someone that is not there every night and does not know the routine? So I decided that I would try to make it as easy as possible. There were no baths to be given, so getting to bed was the objective. I decided to lay out clothes for bedtime, get toothbrushes ready and write down all the important information.

You can see that I did not leave anything out, I even drew a picture of where the triplets sleep. Bedtime was told that it was up to Nana and Papa and that Elijah could stay up with them if they wanted.

We had a great time and I wanted to thank Bobby and Gail for giving up their Friday night so that Noel and I could have some alone time with each other. As far as the bathroom it is almost done. I know that I keep saying that but we are putting everything back together; we decided that we needed some sleep and that the bathroom would be okay if we did not finish by a certain date. Also Noel had to cut down our Willow tree because it was dead.

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Jen said...

I do this too when and if we go out. Everything is laid out and as simple as possible.