Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Week

This week has been a very long week for Noel and I. We are remodeling our guest bathroom to be functional for our "safari." We have taken out the standard bathtub and put in the HEAVY garden bathtub that we took out of our bathroom when we made our AWESOME shower. The tile on the walls has been taken down and we are retitling and putting in built-in shelves for the "safari." The vanity cabinet has been taken out, sanded and stained. The toilet has been taken out and we got the "safari" a toilet that is just for them (only 10 inches tall). The walls have been painted and the fixtures have been painted or replaced. We have a new faucet, shower head and in the process of picking out a mirror. Tonight we are grouting the tile on the shower wall and the tile that we had to replace on the floor. Friday we are sealing the tile and putting everything in the bathroom. We are excited and tired all at the same time. I know why people pay other people to do projects for them, but I have to say that even though I am tired I am excited as well. Noel and I did all the work ourselves and we did it together. Yes my husband let me use the tile saw, lay tile, paint walls, use the orbital sander, stain the vanity cabinet and has had a great attitude about it. Last night Elijah decided that he wanted to watch us. So he opened his door and stayed in the doorway until he could no longer keep his eyes open. I am not going to show any pictures until we are done. I am just as excited as you are to see the final picture.

The weather outside has been changing all week. We have had several days of overcast weather and rain. Do not get me wrong I thank God when it rains, but when it does rain that means the grass grows. So because we have been busy with the bathroom we have not mowed the backyard. I cannot let the kids play in the backyard because Elijah has allergies to grass when he interacts with it too much, so I brought outside in.

Also we have been writing on the walls. If you do not know we painted the bottom half or our walls in the playroom with chalkboard paint.(1 cup of latex paint mixed with 2 tbsp of UNSANDED grout) The "safari" loves the fact that they are allowed to draw on the walls.

So hopefully on Saturday I will post what our bathroom looks like. Also Noel and I have date night on Friday that we are looking forward to. It is nice that our parents live close so that we can get out every once in a while. Does anyone know what it costs for a babysitter for 5 children under 3? I do NOT want to know.


Jen Barnes said...

We put our chalkboard wall in the garage and I am SO glad we did because chalk = dust. To keep dust to a minimum, you might want to teach them to "erase" with a damp cloth so the cloth will grab the little chalk particles. :-) I can't wait to see the remodel pictures! How exciting!! (Wanna come do ours next? j/k!)

cheryl said...

Can't wait to see the bathroom pics! Y'all have been working hard!
Also, looks like you've been making the most of the wet weather. :o)

Trish said...

I loved the pictures of the kids playing on the outside toy inside. They are all so cute. The older they get the more the triplets look alike. I am such a proud grandma. I hope you and Noel have a good time on your date. I will miss not being the one babysitting. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Mother's Day. By the way, you are a great Mom and I am so proud of you and your husband and how you both work so well together. These are memories that will be sweet. I love you all, mom.

Ang said...

I am impressed - putting in tile is hard work! We recently replaced our floor with tile in the kids bath after our eldest son had a little too much fun playing in the tub. I left him alone for 2 minutes (he's five) and when I came back he was gleefully splashing water out of the tub and onto the vanity. Two inches of standing water is not good for linoleum tiles!

Rachael said...

wow, what a busy week! i really want to paint our walls with chalkboard paint, i think my little ones would love it! have fun tonight on your date :)