Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Split Day

Today, Elijah, Hannah and I went to Nana and Paps's house. Elijah got to hang out with Aiden and Papa while I went shopping with Nana. Papa let them ride on the riding lawn mower. They got to sit on a Harley Davidson that my aunt and uncle were test driving. Also they got to eat snack together, plus they had a "man's" lunch; which included grilled cheese, hot dogs, apples, raisins, and trail mix. I think that they wore each other out. Elijah slept on the way home and then crashes soon after being put to bed.

The good thing about having cousins so close in age is that they are great for playing with. My parents now have 9 grandchildren under the age of 3. We have our own playgroup.

Meanwhile, Noel had the other part of the "safari." They played with diaper boxes all day. When I got home I had to take pictures. Noel stated that they more fun then what he expected. I love to see what my "safari" can think up when they are given random things.

We had a great day. The triplets got to hang out with daddy and Elijah got to hang our with his cousin, Aiden. We hope that everyone has a great Easter and that you remember what Easter is all about. Not the bunny but the resurrection.

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Trish said...

Aiden also loved having Elijah here. He asks for him daily. I pray they can grow up knowing each other. Thank you for saying what Easter really is about. Because of the resurrection we have the assurance of heaven if we repent of our sins and ask Jesus to be Lord and Saviour of our lives. I thank God daily that you and Noel have a personal relationship with Jesus and are taking the children to church and living those principals at home. All my love, Mom. The pictures are great.