Thursday, April 16, 2009


On a normal week I make sure that house, kids and Noel are taken care of. The kids are pretty easy and Noel is easy too. Now the house can eat me alive sometimes. I have a routine and I try to stick to that routine every week. Now every now and then I have an off week or I have to shift my cleaning schedule around. My schedule goes like this: Monday: Laundry, Tuesday: Vacuum/dust, Wednesday: bathrooms, Thursday: Linen & laundry, Friday: special projects, Saturday and Sunday is just if there is laundry. Every day it is pick up and ensure that the kitchen is clean every night.

This week was one of those off weeks. Hannah has a virus and all she wants to do is be held and cuddle. I love that but that means that I do not get to do the things that I need to do on my cleaning list. Yesterday I finally got all the laundry clean and put on the table. Now mind you I have never done all the laundry for the week in one day and so when I saw it I had to take a picture. Lets just say it gave me perspective. I had to stop and thank God that I have a washing machine and a dryer and that I do not have to hand wash clothes. I thanked Him for allowing us to have a front-load washing machine that washes more clothes in a cycle and does not use 41 gallons every load but a max of 12 gallons.

I am definitely a Martha personality and this week has taught me that I may not get all of my chores done on the days that I want them to get done, but that sometimes I just need to sit down and enjoy the moment and day that I am in. That is a hard lesson and one that will take me my lifetime to achieve because I always have lists and things that need to get done or that I need to remember in my head at all times. Noel laughs at me but that is okay he enjoys my Martha attitude most days.

So of course I took a picture of what the laundry looked like on my table. This is the laundry from Saturday through Wednesday. Laundry is never done, just managed. The second picture is what my week has been like. Enjoy


Cheng family said...

What is going on in the 2nd picture? I can't believe that pile of laundry. But I do appreciate how organized you are. And it makes my laundry seem like less.

The Wilcoxson's said...

the apple juice container got sucked into the glass jar. That is how my week was.