Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hair Cut Night!

When Noel took Elijah to get his hair cut for the first time he was charged over $10. Noel decided that he was going to invest in some good trimmers . He knew that they would pay for themselves since that meant that Noel would be cutting the boys hair. For the last two to three months he has been cutting Elijah's hair because no one else needed their hair cut. Also Noel has been cutting his own hair and then letting me mess up the trimming in the back.

Tonight was "hair cut night." So Noel decided to make it a treat to get your hair cut. He put the chair on the back slab and then opened the blinds so that the "safari" could see. Elijah went first and everyone else had to stay inside. When Elijah was done then it was Jacob's turn. I thought that Jacob was going to lose it but he did not cry but sat there like a pro. Now Jacob did not have a lot of hair but the hair that he did have was all over the place. After Jacob it was Joshua's turn. Joshua does not have a lot of hair either but you cannot leave him out. Each one got to climb into the chair and then climb out of the chair. The looks on their faces when they realized they were the only ones outside was priceless. Esther decided that she was NOT going to be left out so she climbed into the chair and then suddenly realized that she did not want to be there. Noel trimmed her bangs and the top of her hair, but she was not happy the entire time.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a treat that the boys are going to enjoy. I am glad that Noel made it special for them. I took some pictures so that you could see the excitement and the looks of anticipation to be next.