Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hannah's 9 month Appointment

Hannah had her 9 month check-up today. Our pediatrician is Dr. Nishi Rane, and we love her to death. She sees all of our children and is outstanding with them. She jokes that I need to write a book about how to take care of children that are close in age. Rane likes to hold Hannah and ask if she wants to come home with her. Thank you for taking such good care of our children.

Hannah's stats:

height: 28" (50-75%)
Head: 17" (25-50%)
weight: 19 lbs. 7.5 oz. (50-75%)

Rane says that she is doing outstanding and that she will be driving a car soon. Hannah can stand up in the middle of the room with no help. She is taking steps, spider crawling, clapping her hands, saying Mama and Dada. She likes to imitate your sounds, eating table food, drinking from a sippy cup and has come to the conclusion that she is too big for formula.

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cheryl said...

What an adorable and handful of a girl she is. ;o) I guess she just feels the need to be like the "big kids."
(p.s. you do need to write a book!)