Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miss Independent

I think that from birth Hannah was independent. She was not the snuggle baby that I was hoping for. Instead we have the "I do not need help, leave me alone" baby. Having four toddlers in the house I knew that Hannah was going to learn quickly. She learned how to use the hands-free bottle quickly and then did not want to be held when she ate, but wanted to be able to jump in the jumper and eat. Yes at the same time.

Then we went to baby food and she said "NO" very quickly to that idea. She has been eating table food for about three to four months. She does not have any teeth but manages to eat everything that we are eating, hamburgers, pasta, cereal, potatoes, fruit, etc. When she eats she lets you know that you cannot just feed her but she has to be able to feed herself. As long as there is food on her tray then she will let you feed her the food that is not "finger" foods. When the food on the tray is gone then the feeding stops as well. She turns her head and refuses to take another bite until you give her some more food on her tray.

In the last two weeks she has decided that she no longer wants formula. If you try to give her formula she just throws her bottle and crawls away. So now if we give her 8oz of milk and some formula at bedtime then she will drink it but we cannot give her formula during the day. So now we are feeding her milk and vitamins. Tomorrow she will want to know why she cannot have a cell phone.

Next week she will be 9 months old. I cannot believe that she is almost a year old. Time flies when you are having fun or if you have five children under the age of 3. Noel and I are glad and grateful that God gave us Hannah she is such a joy and she is so happy. Plus we love her attitude towards her siblings and the way she growls.


cheryl said...

She just looks so proud in the second picture! What a sweet and funny girl!

Trish said...

I loved the pictures of Hannah. She is a very independent. I love her very much. Thanks for sharing all the stories and wonderful pictures. It makes it easier to bear with not seeing them more often. I look forward to your visit. You can bring more than one of the children. If you bring Hannah, she can go to the store with us. Love mom

HornFamily said...

She is eating so many foods! Wow she really makes the spaghetti look like it was great... =) Such a sweet little girl.