Monday, April 13, 2009

A New Milestone for Mommy!

Today was a milestone for me. I have never taken my five children and Colton out in public before. So today was a great day and I decided that the "safari" deserved to play at the park. So I loaded Colton and Hannah into the double stroller and the rest of the "safari" grabbed an animal and we walked to the park which is about a quarter of a mile and then we played at the park and then walked home. The "safari" did great and I think they had a really good time. Ever since Noel and I have made that animal rope the "safari" has been really well behaved anytime we use it. They know that they have to hold onto an animal and that they cannot let go until they have been told.

I am getting the "safari" ready to go to the Fort Worth Zoo and the Dallas Aquarium at the end of May so we have been taking walks and the walks keep getting longer and longer. I feel like I am training for a marathon and each day we go a little further until I feel that the "safari" is ready to enjoy the zoo and not have to carried around. Oh do not worry we are taking grandparents with us so that we have some support.

Every day I am amazed at how fast my "safari" is growing and learning. Each day they say or do something that just amazes me and I have to stop and thank God for allowing me to have such wonderful children. Then in the same breath I am asking for patience because someone is stretching my patience to the very edge. Every day is a new day with new prayers and new challenges but I can tell you that there are no two days alike.

Some of you have given me a hard time because I do NOT dress my daughters in dresses or dress my "safari" alike. I do not dress them alike because they get looked and stared at enough that I do not need them looking alike. Now I am not saying that dressing your kids alike is bad; it is just not something I do. Also I do not dress my daughters in dresses because they are as rough as their brothers. BUT on Sunday I did dress them in dresses. I took some pictures but of course how hard is it to get five children and a daddy to all cooperate to take ONE picture. So I took several and I will give you the slide show so that you can each of them at least once. Here is the proof that my daughters wore dresses on Sunday.


HornFamily said...

They sure do look sweet in those dresses.

cheryl said...

Quite the adorable and handsome looking little bunch! :o)
I'm sure we could scrounge up a matching dress set or two for the girls to wear next Easter. ;o)

Trish said...

I loved the pictures. Joshua must have been tired because he has his shirt next to his mouth and the fingers in the mouth. The girls look very cute. I think it is nice once in a while to let your little girls wear dresses. Church is a good place for that. John and I are loving the picture frame. Thank you again for the nice gift. We are also so grateful that you live close so that we can see everyone. Maybe next week Pam, the children, and I can come and play. Well, I love you. Mom