Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Safari

At the zoo you normally walk and look at all the exhibits, but at my zoo we are like a safari. We roam and do our thing and let people look at us and point. Now when we found out that we were having triplets and that Elijah was not going to be one when we had them, we knew that we would be looked at and pointed at and probably talked about. That has all come to pass. Wherever we go with our zoo we are asked lots of questions some good and some rude, but we take it in stride. Really we are pretty amazing and all our children are close in age.

About three months ago Noel and I started talking about how we were going to walk with our zoo because the stroller thing is not needed for short distances and it is good for the zoo to stretch their legs. So we decided that we would make a string and put animals on it for each of the kids. While looking through a catalog we found the perfect animals, barnyard animals. So we asked for it from our parents for Christmas.

In today's society "leashes" are not the politically correct thing to do and if we did that for each child we would look like a dog walking business. So Noel made our PC "leash." Now each person in the zoo gets to hold onto an animal be it a pig, cow, horse, duck or a sheep. Then Noel and I get each end being a farmhouse or a tractor. The zoo does really well and we made sure that we practiced at home before trying it out in public with more distractions.

The first time we tried it out the zoo did fantastic it was everyone else. We decided to walk to the mailbox and get the mail. Well we were walking and you would have thought there had been an accident and everyone was driving slow to see what had happened. No they were watching us, we were glad that there was not an accident because of us. We even had a car stop so that they could roll down their window and ask a question.

Finally today we got some pictures of what it looks like for those of you that have not seen it yet. The zoo really likes the idea and they are very good about not letting go of their animal until they are told they can. Enjoy our pictures.

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Trish said...

When I was their the last two weeks, I really enjoyed going to the mailbox. I loved the fact that people slowed down to look. Sometimes I think they must of thought we were a daycare. It is fun to be out in the public with the kids. I love you all, mom, Nanna.