Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So this morning Noel and I were playing with the kids in the playroom. If you have never been to my house the playroom is where all the toys are so that my house does not look like a daycare center more than it needs to be.

Hannah is all over the place and is now starting to pull herself up on things, people, Colton. She is growing up so fast. Hannah is crawling, sitting up by herself, can go from crawling to sitting, pulling herself up, drinking out of a sippy cup and tomorrow she will be ready for college. LOL

If you remember from an earlier blog Esther did her raspberries for the camera and today Hannah decided that she was going to do hers. Now the camera moves a lot because I am trying to capture Hannah and entertain the other animals in the "zoo" as well.

Noel asked Elijah to say "hello" to a couple of people and Elijah decided that he was going to multi-task. Elijah is talking and digging in his nose. Don't you just love how toddlers will do anything and everything you do not want them to do in public?

Please enjoy our Tuesday together and with our wonderful "zoo."

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Trish said...

I loved watching Hannah. She kept trying to put the spit back in her mouth. She is really funny and is growing up so fast. Elijah was a trip. Kids don't care if you see them pick their nose. Well, I love watching the videos, they make me laugh. Have a great rest of the week. Love Mom and Nanna