Monday, February 2, 2009


Please watch this video before reading my post.

I find it funny that there are some words that we do not teach our children but that they learn quickly. For instance the word "no" and "mine". Or as Elijah puts it "mine this." Now at my zoo it is more prevalent because I have 4 toddlers that are learning from each other. If you want to know what my day is like play the video about 400 more times.

Noel and I do not want to raise children that are selfish and this is when it starts. I mean my zoo has a whole room full of toys and they want to fight and argue over the one Lego. I have tried time-out, explaining that Jesus wants us to share, and plain referring. Today was the final moment.

I was standing in the kitchen getting juice for everyone and I heard Esther scream the word "MINE" and then push Joshua down. In my head I could see them in school being mean to kids and bullying them. I got the blue bucket that holds the toys for the room and had them help me pick up the toys. I had the zoo help me put the toys in the pantry. Then I sat them down and told them there were no more toys for the day that they needed to learn to play with each other and not against each other.

The crying started and lasted for about 5-7 minutes. Then after that they played with each other and got along for the most part. Tomorrow we will each pick a toy and see if we can make it the day with only 4 toys in the room and then we will gradually add more toys.

I want my children to think of other people before themselves and not to be mean to each other but love each other. I think that you should start early especially since my sanity depends on it with 4 toddlers.

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cheryl said...

Oh man...we're always making references to that portion of Finding Nemo.
Hope your plan works!!! :o)