Monday, February 23, 2009

Daddy Home!

Noel is home for this week so that he can help me with the zoo while I am still recovering. So this week I get to be the mommy instead of both. I enjoyed it today. We still have the same rules no matter if we are together or if it is just one of us, but the word "no" that comes out of Noel's mouth is so much stronger than when I say "no."

I got to be the pillow today. I was the comforter and the "safe" base for the chasing. I was very excited to only have to be one parent. Today I found myself praising God for my husband and the time that I get to spend with him this week. The zoo is in heaven with all the chasing, wrestling, rides, and flying that goes on with daddy.

We will make sure that we post more pictures through out the week of our time together.

On a side note, I am feeling better every day; I am tired at the end of the day. But lets face it who is not tired at the end of the day?

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cheryl said...

I'm so glad you're starting to get better. You're clearly loved. Sweet pics.