Friday, February 13, 2009

Snack Time

The zoo was playing in the backyard today. So we decided to have snack time in the backyard since it was nice outside.

Yesterday we bought some Italian ice snacks and decided that the zoo would like them. Everyone had their own experience. Elijah was the pro and wanted to eat his from the get go. Esther enjoyed hers and made sure that she tried to taste all the other flavors. Joshua tried his ice and did not think about the fact that it was cold. So he took a huge piece and then spit it out. Fro.m that moment on he was very cautious about his bites. Jacob wanted his to be easier to eat but he was trying everything to eat his and eventually he just drank his.

This week has been challenging for me. As a mother it is really hard to be told that you cannot pick up your own children for 3-4 weeks. One week down and three to go. I feel that if I had to give myself a grade I would give myself a C+. I did not pick up my toddlers but I did pick up Hannah. Also I did more activity then I should have. Next week will be better.

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