Monday, February 2, 2009

Sick Sunday

It seems like last week was sick week at my house. Joshua got sick first and then Jacob and Esther got a milder version of what Joshua had. Then Friday Elijah got sick and we had to take him to the doctor. On Saturday I had to take Hannah. Fun, Joy, Joy!!

Noel and I decided to not get every child in the nursery sick, so we decided to stay at home and make sure that everyone was feeling better and that we contained the germs to our house and not the state of Texas.

For Christmas we received a Bounce House from Noel's father, Michael. The zoo just love it and so we decided that since they had not been outside almost all week that we would let them play in the Bounce House inside our house. Yes that is right we had the Bounce House in our playroom. The zoo loves the slide and the balls. Well everyone except Joshua. A couple of weeks ago, we put the Bounce House up. Noel was trying to figure why our outside lights were not working and so he went to shut the breaker off, well he shut the breaker that was connected to the Bounce House. The Bounce House collapsed and I had to reset the switch. Joshua was in the ball pit and when it deflated he was stuck and then when the air returned he was pushed up against the mess wall. He was NOT happy, so he is very timid with the Bounce House now and only gets in for about a minute at a time.

We took some video of them playing in the Bounce House. Enjoy. On a side note I have not been posting pictures on the blog because someone stole our camera from the car when Noel was traveling in Houston. So we had to order another camera. Later this week I hope to get some new pictures on the blog.

Hannah wanted to be in the Bounce House so bad but she got to look form her bouncing chair. She was so excited. Later we gave her a bottle in her jumper and she fell asleep so we got some video on that. If you do not know Hannah does not drink her bottle in a reclined position but in a sitting position. She is so independent and growing faster than we want her to, but she is just so adorable.

Please enjoy our Sunday at home with the kids. If you think about our family this month, please say a prayer; Noel is traveling this month again. Thank you.

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cheryl said...

Too funny. I especially love Hannah nodding off. ;o)