Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hat Day!

Our zoo has recently found the joy of hats. Noel and I decided to let the zoo wear some of the hats that we have in the house; some of them their size and one hat that we found in the closet when we cleaned it out. Noel and I have become more aware when there is a moment when we need to capture something on video or on the camera. We enjoy sharing our lives with our family and friends. Noel and I looked at the pictures and just had to laugh, because our zoo is hilarious. Hannah did not like the hat on her head and so she took it off and then gave us some looks that we had to smile at. Also look at the pictures of Esther. One picture it looks like she has been blown up with air.

Enjoy our day with the hats. On a side note Noel received a call today to let him know that they arrested the woman that stole his camera and they recovered his camera. God is good, all the time. Also I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my loving husband. I have enjoyed our three years and I am looking forward to the years to come. Noel is my best friend and I love him very much.


cheryl said...

So fun. Love Hannah's funny faces too! ;o)

cheryl said...

p.s. so glad Noel's camera was found!!!

Trish said...

I really loved the pictures of the children. Hannah was so funny. I loved the picture of Jacob with his pacifier in his mouth. All of them are so cute and so different. I really enjoyed the time with them I had when you were recouping from your surgery. God is good all the time. Love Nanna