Monday, February 9, 2009

The Park

Last Saturday after the kids had gotten up and eaten, we decided to go to the park. Our zoo loves the park. Noel and I really enjoy the park because we go in the early part of the morning; we are usually the only people there. The kids get to play on the small park and the big park.

We used our new camera to take these pictures. As a zoo keeper I do not think that I take enough pictures because I do not want to miss out on anything but I also want to make sure that the people that cannot be here everyday still feel that they are part of our zoo life.

Please enjoy our family and the time that we spend together. They are growing up so fast.


cheryl said...

Cute kids, but I want to know how the zookeeper is doing?!?
Praying for you.

Cheng family said...

I love the kids expressions that you were able to capture. We love to go to the park in the morning too. Actually, the mornings seem easier to go anywhere, before everyone starts getting tired (myself included).
Hoping and praying that you are doing well.