Saturday, February 28, 2009

Midnight Madness

Yesterday, Hannah went to bed last night early because she was off her schedule. Noel and I checked on her before we went to bed. We found that she had thrown up. So we gave her a bath, changed her clothes, gave her a bottle and changed her bedding. While Noel was finishing her bedding she decided to vomit all over me and her. So we changed her again and she did it two more times in the next two hours. After changing her, finally getting her to sleep and getting her to stop vomiting we thought we were going to go to bed.

Not even 20 minutes later we heard that wonderful sound, someone throwing up. It was now Esther's turn. So Noel and I went in to clean her up. Esther got a bath, new clothes and we changed her bedding. Well because Esther shares a room with her brothers everyone was up. We ended up changing her bed three different times and woke her brothers up three different times.

Noel and I finally got to bed around 2 am. This morning we were playing and everyone looked and acted like they were feeling better. Hannah ate and was playing with everyone and they she vomited again. At that moment we decided that I needed to get her seen by a doctor. The good thing is that my pediatrician has office hours on Saturday morning. Our pediatrician was on call this weekend as well. Hannah was seen and was told that she had a virus and an ear infection.

Today we had to feed Hannah Pedialyte every hour. Hannah thought is was great at first because she got to use a sippy cup but after a while she was hungry and wanted something else, like real food. She inhaled 2 oz and wanted more but we had to wait to make sure that she could keep that down. The picture above is Hannah laying watching everyone while trying to reserve the energy that she had. She got to have 2 more ounces before she was just so tired that we let her go to sleep.

Hopefully tonight Noel and I can sleep and not have to look at sick kids who just want everything to be better and want us to fix everything. That is one of the hardest things as a parent is to look at their pain and know that you cannot do anything but kiss boo boos and just hold them. Prayer helps both as well.

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Trish said...

It is probably one of the hardest things in a parents life, sick children. I just praise the Lord that all of your children are for the most part very healthy. The picture of Hannah was precious. She looked like she was exhausted, probably the way mommy and daddy looked. We will be praying everything is okay and they are all well. We love all of you very much. Keep trusting in the Lord and keep praying. Love nanna.