Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From Zoo to Safari

Since the triplets could move around Noel and I decided that we needed a designated playroom so that our house did not look like a daycare center all the time. There is a room in our house that is adjacent to the kitchen and was big enough to hold the "zoo." Well the "zoo" has grown and gotten bigger, stronger, smarter and unruly. So Noel and I decided that it was time to take the gates down. Someone is going to get hurt because they climb on the gates and some of the "zoo" even know how to climb the gates and escape.

Today has been the first day that the gates have been down and my "zoo" is testing its boundaries. So our "zoo" has become a "safari" with restrictions. It is so funny to watch them because they are really a in this together. Each one has a special skill that they use in certain situations; it is funny and scary in the same moment. I have one more to add to this herd and she is going to have her own special skill. Elijah is the talker, Joshua is in charge of distraction, Jacob is the boy who wants to fly, and Esther is the look out. What will Hannah be?

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Trish said...

So, you have let down the barriers. How is that going? You are so right about your assessment of the children. I bet they are so glad the gates are being used. I suppose you have some system on how to keep your living room from being soaked in juice. Well, I hope to see all of you next week, Lord willing. I love you. Mom