Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Safari in Public

For the last several months Noel and I have been taking the "safari" to the park almost every Saturday. We have also been practicing with the "leash" walking to the mailbox and then at church walking to and fro from the van to the cornerstone building. The clan has been doing well with the distractions. We are getting them ready for our vacation in May when we are planning on going to the aquarium in Dallas and the Ft. Worth Zoo.

Today we went to the park like normal. Our children get up early so there were only a few other children that were at the park. We put Hannah in the playpen so that she could play while the other kids played. Then we went to Sam's to get diapers and formula. Of course the "safari" did well it was everyone else that had to adjust. The "safari" held onto their animals like normal and walked through the store. They did very well with all the people that wanted to say "hello" and stop what they were doing and just stare at them. The funny thing is that the "safari" wanted to touch every display and item that they walked by.

I think we are getting closer to being ready for our vacation.

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cheryl said...

Y'all are brave, but I'm sure they'll do awesome on your vacation! ;o) If you get desperate you could always push 2 double strollers and carry Hannah in a backpack. :o)