Thursday, March 5, 2009

Testing Boundaries

God has blessed Noel and I with wonderful children. In a way I think that God gives us children to give us a glimpse of what He sees in us and how we test boundaries with Him. If you have a toddler then you know there comes a day when they are going to test every boundary that you set not just one time but hundred of times. Each time to see if you are going to say and do the same thing that you did last time or if they have "broken" your will to be consistent.

Today has been that day. With our "zoo" becoming a "safari" there have been more boundaries to test. My four toddlers are no different than any other toddler except that I have four. Each one tests the boundaries and sometimes they all test the boundary to see if I have the will and energy to be consistent with my rules and consequences. Sometimes I just want to let them do what they want because that is easy for me, but then I have to think that I am not setting a good example or a clear example when I change the rules/consequences because I am tired.

God sees us the same way. I think that we are his toddlers just testing boundaries to see if He is going to do anything about it or if we think we are going to get away with something. Except that God has the ultimate patience and we do not as parents. So God, please let me have a fraction of the patience that you have with my four toddlers. I love them to death but some moments in the day I just want them to get a mysterious 10 minute bug of laryngitis and be immobilized.

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