Monday, March 23, 2009

When All You Can Do Is Laugh!

Elijah has been known to take his clothes and diaper off. We went through a time when we had to Duct tape his diaper on so that we would not walk into a war zone in the morning. After about a month we did not have to put Duct tape on Elijah because he learned that we were just going to continue to put the Duct tape on.

Elijah has been doing great. He still likes to take his clothes off but his diaper has remained on. Well the other night Noel and I were heading to bed and I went in to check on Elijah. When Elijah goes to bed we allow him to play in his room because that is the only true time that he gets alone to himself besides nap time. He plays with his Leggos and cars. When we go to bed we make sure that he is in his bed and that we turn the light off. Well I went in to check on him and he was in his bed and so I was just going to turn the light off and go to bed. Something in my mom sense told me to go check on him in his bed.

I walk up to the bed and I find him in his bed with no diaper or clothes on. I tried not to laugh. What did I do, I went down stairs and got the camera so that I could take a picture before waking him up. I took a couple of pictures and Noel went and got him a new diaper. As I was taking the pictures he looked up at me and with the most convicted face says, "I was hot!" and then laid back down.

Noel put his diaper on and he went back to sleep. All Noel and I could do was laugh. What do you do with these moments? We like to think that we cherish them. Being a parent of a toddler is a joy, stress, priveldge, and a draining job but I would not trade it for anything.


HornFamily said...

that is great!

cheryl said...

Oh my gosh, y'all just never have a lacking of funny stories! It's so great that your documenting these days, because the kids will love to go back and read it all when they're older. Even these kinds of stories.
Too funny!

Trish said...

That was such a cute picture of Elijah. He does get hot sometimes. When he is older he will be horrified you took this picture but he will also think it is cool. You and Noel show how much you love the children is so many ways. Even though it is challenge, it is also the most rewarding. Love mom

jenni lafferty said...

too funny! i'm so glad you grabbed a camera and snapped a photo of your "too hot" dude.