Thursday, March 5, 2009

Total Exhaustion

So for the last couple of weeks Hannah has been trying to play with everyone. With her new found freedom she wants to hang out with everyone. So she tries to play in the games of chase and likes it when the "safari" comes around and plays with her. But at the end of the day she cannot hang with the rest of them. We gave the "safari" a bath tonight and came downstairs to find our little one no longer in the game but in dream world. Some of this exhaustion is because she is a stubborn one. She can stand up in her crib but refuses to fall on her butt. So today I went to get her from nap time to find her holding on to the railing in her crib and resting her head on the top of the railing, sleeping. Hopefully that will not last long and she will learn to let go. It was precious and I was mad that I did not have the camera around to take a picture. So sweet dreams my little one, you are growing up so fast.


cheryl said...

I can't believe she fell asleep standing up. That would have been a picture! Hoping w/ you that she figures out the "plop" soon! Poor babe.

Trish said...

I love seeing pictures of Hannah and how she is changing daily. She is so cute and funny to be around. Give her a big hug from Nana. Love Mom