Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prayer Time

Noel and I have made it a routine that we pray at meals and at bedtime. Everyone likes the "amen" part. Lately Elijah has wanted to pray for himself and does not like when mommy or daddy does it for him. So at dinner there are two prayers mine and then Elijah's, with mom's help. At bedtime there is usually more than one prayer, but Noel and I try to make it less than 5 prayers. Also every prayer has to have the people that we know in it.

The last couple of weeks we have been praying for rain every chance we get. Last week we got some rain and the "safari" were thrilled. Well yesterday during dinner it started to hail, Elijah looked at me and said, "pray not." In other words we did NOT pray for hail mommy. I explained that God is in charge of the weather and that He thought we needed the hail and the rain mixed together. Of course my car did not need the 300+ dents.

We are glad that the "safari" are getting in the routine of prayers and how that is important in our family. Jesus loved the children and he shows extra time for them in the Bible. I feel that God enjoys the prayers of the children and that it warms his heart when He hears how hard they are trying to pray for themselves. I know that it warms our hearts.

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Trish said...

I loved hearing Elijah pray. I know for a fact God is pleased when we teach our young children to go to Him in prayer. Jesus loves the little children and He expects moms and dads to teach their children about Him and His plan for their lives. I thank God daily for the fact that you and Noel are taking that very seriously. I love you all. Mom