Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Four peas in a pod

My "safari" is a wild bunch. Someone is always getting a bruise, scratch, rug burn, black eye, "owe" (boo boo) , or hurt feelings. I have to kiss a lot of fingers, heads, toes, feet, knees, arms, legs, noses, foreheads, etc. So as you can see from the photos my children have battles scars or marks. Esther is the latest person with a huge mark. At church on Sunday she decided that she could climb anything and better than anyone else. So as she was climbing the WRONG way on the little slide in the room when she fell and hit her eye and got a rug burn. So there goes getting a new family portrait for at least a couple weeks.

My children are not afraid of anything and if one of them can do anything then the other three have to try because they cannot have someone being able to do something that they cannot. For instance, Elijah likes to climb on the changing table and so now all of them can do it. Elijah learned to climb into his chair at the table and now they all do. Elijah learns something and within a couple of days everyone can do it or at least try and then get hurt and then try again.

I decided to take some photos of the legs of my "safari" just so that you could get a glimpse of the survival that they go through with each other. The first set of legs are Jacob's, then Esther's, Elijah's and then Joshua's. Jacob has lots of bruises because he thinks that he can fly and that the law of gravity does not apply to him. Esther has to prove that she is not a girl but a boy. Elijah has to be the alpha male and Joshua just does not want to be left out so he tries even though he is not really interested in continuing after accomplishing the new activity. Also my children were blessed with Noel's skin and so they have sensitive skin and bathe in lotion two times a day. So they react to new environments or climate changes.

The other thing that is funny is that they want to do the same things but sometimes they are not on the same page. I took the photos of them touching their heads, bellies, toes, eyes, and noses but as you can see not everyone in on the same page. Usually it is Jacob or Joshua that are the ones that more slower because they want the change in direction on their time.

Enjoy my "safari" and the new adventures that we will have this summer with the heat and the excitement of being outside more and being able to jump off everything and climb everything. We will see who survives. I think I will be the one with all the makings and in need of a vacation. But the blogs it will create.

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Trish said...

I laughed when I saw the pictures. The children are so cute when they are together and trying to do the same thing. I loved the belly pictures. It is so great that mom will give kisses when they are hurting. You are establishing a relationship with your children that you will remember for the rest of your life. Just think of all the things you would have missed out on if you were still working. I am so grateful to Noel about his desire to have you stay at home with the children. Being a wife and a mother are one of the greatest callings for a woman from God. Enjoy them. I love you, mom.