Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Four tots in a tub

The original rhyme has the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. I have the talker, the flyer, the follower and the instigator. Noel says the heart breaker. Who knows?

My children love to climb in or onto anything they can. That is why the play room is empty. We had to take the couch, toy chest, toy bucket and anything else they could climb on. My children have no fear and do not respect gravity. Jacob thinks that he can fly. When he is playing with Noel he will climb on his chest and without warning run and jump into the air. Noel has to be very aware when Jacob is around.

So they know that when I pull out the blue bucket that it is time to pick up the toys. Also we sing a little song. "clean-up, it's time to clean-up!" The kids like that it is simple and they try to sing along. They push the bucket around the room and pick up all their toys so that "Revi" (my roomba) can vacuum while they are in bed. It does not fail that every time that we pull out a bucket that they try to all climb in at once. Tonight I finally got a picture of all four of them in the bucket. Yes, they do not have their shirts on because they just finished dinner and were heading to bath time after "clean-up" time.

Another moment in our day here at the "safari."

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