Monday, March 16, 2009

The Stages of Frustration

The first stage of frustration is the realization that you have been left. When the "safari" and I go to the mailbox we leave Hannah with daddy because she cannot walk. This is the look that she gives daddy because we have left.

The second stage of frustration is knowing that you are all alone. Hannah loves the "safari" and follows them where ever they go, not as fast but she eventually gets there. This is the look of abandonment.

The third and final stage of frustration is knowing that she cannot do anything about being left. I love this picture because she is so angry that she is all alone with daddy and that she cannot go with the "safari." When we come back from the mailbox she has made her way to the storm door and is standing up with her face pressed against the door. This is the look that she gives the person staying with her. She does not hide her emotions.

Hannah has been such a great baby. I know that we all want to think that, but she has been very good and we are glad. When we found out that we were pregnant again after having triplets we knew in our head that we were going to get the fussy, no sleep, no eating, just crying baby. Instead we got the no crying (unless hungry), sleep through the night at 6 weeks, eating all things except baby food, calm baby. We are very grateful to God for blessing us with good babies and hoping that moves with them as we reach the 2's and 3's. Thank you for all the people that pray for us and think about us, we appreciate it.

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Trish said...

I love the pictures of Hannah. She has such good expressions. Before too long she will be walking right along with everyone else. I love you and am so thankful to the Lord for healthy and good babies. Love Mom