Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Revi vs. Hannah

Today is vacuuming day in our house. So I make sure that our Roomba, Revi, is charged and we start downstairs and work our way upstairs. Since we have taken down the gates we have to use the virtual walls to make sure the Revi only goes in the rooms that I want her to. This makes watching Revi work easier.

Hannah was playing in the playroom and saw Revi. She stopped what she was doing and decided that Revi was a better toy than what she was playing with. So she crawled and tried to catch Revi and then tried standing up at the stairs to get a better perspective. Finally she stopped and sat in the middle of the floor and waited for Revi to come to her. I had to take some pictures. I think that I have found another member of my "safari" that loves Revi.

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Trish said...

Now all of the children love to chase and catch Revi. It is funny to watch them when Revi is at work. Also the kids in the bucket was priceless. I never saw children who loved a basket more than yours. You could get rid of all the toys and the children would be happy if they could just have the "blue bucket, or white laundry basket. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Love Mom