Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wear Socks or Not?

If you ask anyone that spends a lot of time around me or has spoken to Noel would know that I do NOT wear shoes or socks unless I have to. This means that my children do not wear shoes or socks unless they have to. Just another reason why I love Crocs.

My "safari" has had their own emotion when I have put socks on them as a small child. Elijah would just pull them off, Joshua would stick his feet in the air, Esther did not mind too much, Jacob would rub his feet together until his socks would come off, and Hannah has now shown her own expression to socks. I can tell they are my "safari."

Everyday I look at my "safari" and see how alike they are and then in the same moment see each of their personalities. Hannah is no different she is showing her personality more and more every day. For instance, since she was a newborn she has let the person trying to feed her know when she is done. She will violently turn her head and refuse the bottle, that is when you know that she is done, there is no guessing. Now, when she wants more food and it is not there or you are not feeding her fast enough she grunts and slams her hand on the tray in the highchair. She loves her "safari" buddies and wants to play with them. She laughs when she thinks that they are playing with her and she loves it when she thinks they are playing chase with her.

The good thing is that my "safari" love her and each one shows their affection toward her differently. Elijah likes to kiss her on her head all day, Joshua likes to lay next to her when she is sitting up playing, Esther touches her to say that everything is okay and Jacob uses a high pitched voice when saying her name or talking to her. Also they know when she is not in the room with them and immediately ask where she is. It only gets tricky when Nana is around and there are bananas in the house because that is all the same word, "Nana" is Nana, Banana, and Hannah.

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Trish said...

I always think it is so funny when I come to visit. Nana has so many meanings in your house, but that is just fine. I love the new look of the blog. You are so creative, must of got that from your dad. I love the pictures. I miss seeing the children. I am hoping to come and see them soon. Tell them that Nana and Papa love them very much. Take care of your "safari" that God has given you and cherish each day, even when it is tiring. They grow up so fast. Love Mom